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Re: Thoughts on the Hot Rod Power Tour - Southern Run..................................

- My round trip was 2592 miles total including about 1000 of them being the tour itself. Pretty country when off the Interstates and a more leisurely pace. I was home in Wisconsin by 4PM on Saturday. This was challenging in last week's 95+° heat in a car without A/C.

- Don't worry if your car has no cruise control, lots of other cars do. Just latch onto someone who's going about the speed you want and maintain your distance.
Hint 1) pick someone who reliably uses their turn signals when changing lanes - it helps
Hint 2) if possible, pick a car with a license plate from the same State to which you are traveling. It might mean you can run a long way before changing to follow another car.

- Drafting a tractor trailer in a FFR street rod means a lot of wind buffeting the car without much mileage improvement. Especially with the windows down.

- The Hot Rod Power Tour of the deep South in June should be postponed until after hurricane season, or maybe until the next Ice Age.

- Without air conditioning, in the 95° heat you need to drink enough water that it forces you to stop for a potty break once every 2 to 3 hours. Follow Richard Nixon's advice, "Let me make it perfectly Clear...."

- Save an empty water bottle if you like to lean your left leg against the door. Set it on the door sill and then lean your leg on it, too. That 90 degree frame rail isn't very comfortable after several hours and the bottle will take away that problem.

- Pack twice the clothes you think you will need when the temp is 95+° out. You'll be soaked with sweat just from cleaning the windshield, so a change of clothes will happen more often than you think.

- Don't be surprised if a bee gets sucked in the window and is pissed enough to sting you!

- V-8 veggie drink has a lot less sugar than the popular sports drinks and enough salt to help keep you going on a scorcher day. Besides, if you're gonna drive a V8 you should drink V-8. It should be the HRPT drink of choice, considering most of the cars there.

- Be sure to order side curtains for your car. That will guarantee you'll have no rain on your trip - only stifling heat and humidity and brutal sun all day.

It was a great time!
Best wishes,
Tom Veale
Hot Rod FFR #007
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