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I am Doug and I am a Gearhead. (bad pun on AA meeting intros)

I have been a gearhead from about age 2.
I still own my first car (67 Camaro convertible, and yes I know the original owner and remember the car when it was new)
I call myself a gearhead because: the fact that a car/truck/airplane/lawn mower moves/does what you think it should is just a byproduct and proof of all the really cool engineering and mechanical things going on down a level.

So what better way to see/touch/smell/improve/screw up all the cool mechanical things going on than a component car!

If I were of average (or better) intelligence, I would buy a nice 911 or a Corvette or a mini van. But nope.
Had a old Corvette. Really fun car. Bit heavy, but a good tool. Except you can throw a rock at your average Cars and Coffee and hit three of them.
Had a old 911. Really fun car. Needs more weight on the front end to make it turn in like I want.
Had a Honda S2000. Really fun car. Biggest problem with the car was I just didn’t emotionally bond with the car. Felt sort of like setting next to a Cheerleader in math class, and she was nice. That’s it, she was, hmm, nice….
Had a Lotus Elise. Really fun car. No, make that a really really fun car! Would have liked a little more power, but the steering feed back was amazing! I swear you could drive the car blindfolded it communicated so well. This car I emotionally bonded with. I could tell you 10 things stupid/wrong with the car, and I didn’t care about a single one of them!
Had a Noble M12. Really fun car, until the garage caught fire. Not sure if the English electrical system was the villain or the victim.

Well, as you can see, the Gearhead disease is progressing, and I am replacing the crispy Noble with a GTM (turbos are nice but instant torque from an American V8 is just dang fun)

So my hope is the GTM will have the lightness and steering feel of the Lotus, the acceleration of the Corvette, the mystique of a 24 hr Le Mans racer, like the Porsche, and the uniqueness of the Noble.
See, I am not really asking for much.

I will be doing lots of reading, asking more than my share of stupid questions, and just generally trying to NOT be the guy on your ignore list.

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