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Hi guys New guy here :D looking for learning resources
im a kid here looking to learn how to build a Daytona 65 coupe
from the ground up

basically i would like to learn the art of building these awesome vehicles
but i dnt know anything about building kitcars i have absolutely zero experience.

is it a lost art? i hope not if yes im willing to resurrect it :)

my first thought
i think i should buy the complete kit from factory five me thinks as a start.

I'm currently looking for learning resources like books , videos & tutorials.

also looking to share the knowledge and the passion learned in this adventure to my fellow millennials :)

and maybe grow the community :)

any advices and opinions greatly appreciated :)

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Try coming to the "Build School"
You get a manual, can take pictures and we can answer most any question.
Come on out.
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