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Just bought my first FFR roadster, a 65 replica, small block, build completion data 2000. Donor car Mustang GT Pony Fastback. After a life of just driving I am aiming to take my auto-appreciation to the next level.

Have installed hidden bluetooth speakers,
Moved toggles from some makeshift metal plate to the dashboard.
Installed LED lamp/headlight replacements (just bulbs).

My other car is a "TESLA", but I just want to drive this little thing all day long....so trying to get as "practical" as possible, without compromising designs and originality too much.

Looking for a roof option - not sure Im into the FFR one?
Back up camera/android tablet install ( have an idea to mount a motorized mount ) - the samsung A4 10.1" fits perfectly and would tilt backwards up behind the dash "for a pure look" (for $289 you get wifi, GPS, LTE - slap on a car dashboard launcher and you have your navigation, maps, phone, etc - all for under $300 - and portable and removable!
Need to hook up a power supply for above

Eventually, AC, if again, I can get a system hidden - otherwise I wont, dont want to see ugly vents!

Living in Nashville.


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