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I posted an earlier topic titled, "Cobras in Uniform" with some ideas of how we could help out our soldiers who are building/thinking of building an FFR Roadster (or coupe, Spyder, or GTM(!)).

If you're interested in helping, here's what you could do for starters:

Classifieds - As a very simple way to help, members could post items that are "FREE TO MILITARY PERSONNEL, SHIPPED FREE" or "FTMP-LOCAL PICKUP ONLY" in the Forum's classified section.

I've got a few things right now - and much more as my build progresses - that I'd be glad to pass along to a soldier. In most cases I wouldn't bother selling an item like a simple tubing bender, an air riveter, or an impact wrench (new) but I'd be happy to box these up and send them free to a soldier.

Maybe others would do the same. We all have something in this category laying around that we'll never use such as an unopened can of POR-15, a few rolls of sandpaper, an engine stand, or an extra gas pedal. These little things (as we all know) add up and if we can save a soldier some money on his build, why not.

I'll try to post a classified ad today or this week as a sample (pressed for time right now).

Donations - Some people may want to make a donation. I'd be happy to coordinate this activity (keeping a list of military personnel and the donations given to each) but don't want to handle the money. Our members could send funds directly to a soldier based on a name we provide.

Services - Things like build parties would be a fantastic way to show support. There are one or more guys that can use the help. This would have to be coordinated locally but I guarantee that it would be a great time for all involved.

Personnel Contact Information - One thing that I can do right now do is to ask members in the military to send (PM) me their contact info so that we can keep a list. Also, if you have any special need - such as overall help with your build or a specific tool - let me know that too and I'll pass it along.

I'll have limited access to the Forum this week but I'll try to respond if needed.

Any other ideas on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Bill is supporting this idea and will put something on the front page of the Forum if we can generate some interest. FFR (I'm guessing) might even have an interest too.

Thanks in advance.

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