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Help, need a parts source

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Anybody know a source other than a Ford dealer for a fuel level sensor that goes in the fuel tank? The local parts stores do not carry them and the Ford place had to order and it was well over $100. I am getting really sporatic level readings (classic guages) once the tank gets 3/4 full and lower. As long as it's higher it reads okay. Anybody know a source for the sensor?


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Sean I have auto meter connected straight to the ford tank sensor. I might be all wet on this one but there is sometimes a module that sends a constant signal to the gauge. When you drive the sensor in the tank is constantly moving because it's like a toilet bowl valve. thats why it works better when close to full. I did my own wiring so I would ask some one that knows the mustang system first before spending money because the Ford dealler will not take back any thing they order, Those crooks. You might want to try mustangs unlimeted the have a web site, I'll look for my catolog and check. they sell things like that. It's around here somewhere
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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