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First, thanks to all who have taken the time to post a question to this forum and doubly for those that have made the effort to answer them. I have been building #9279 since Feb 2018 and reached the go cart stage recently and this forum has been a huge help for troubleshooting and also to give me the confidence that what I was experiencing was typical to others.

Second,as a newbie and someone who is faithfully following the manual yet not always in the precise order, I wanted to post this tip related to the headlights. I installed the weather pack connections and I wanted to test that my wiring was good before I installed the dash and eventually the body so I connected the headlights and front running lights along with the headlight switch. I was very excited to pull the switch and see light but was really disappointed when only the running lights came on. I spent a bunch of time checking my connections and searching the forums but didn’t find a post from anyone that had had this problem.

I followed the wise advice to stop for the day and think it over and come back the next day. I realized that these are simple circuits and likely the on-on hi/low beam switch needed to be installed for the circuit to be complete. I wired that up the next day and everything worked.

Again, many of the experienced builders would say this is obvious but I wanted to contribute to other newbies and people like me that are just building confidence in the wiring phase of the project that may run into this problem in the future and will be happy to see this post when they search for a solution.

While this was a happy ending to a wiring story, I will be posting another related to my turn signals that required some more diagnosing and yet to find a solution so will be hoping folks can help me out!
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