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In the process of listing my GTM for sale I've been going through my notes and figured I would share what I learned on starter motors. Some of this is scattered in other threads. My GTM never failed to start, but cranking was weak from the beginning. LS376 + G96. The stock starter was the Bosch 996 604 107 00 (superseded by the 996 604 107 02). This is a 1.7 kW 10 tooth motor that sells for about $275 - $375.

First I installed a dedicated heavy duty ground cable back to the battery. Helped a little, but still less than ideal.

The search then started for a more powerful option. IMI sells a couple models for the G50; IMI-170-001 (1.4 kW, $810) and IMI-170-002 (2.0 kW). In Dec 2018, I was told these would be replaced with a newer model and I could not find either of these part numbers in stock. They may have a solution today. I went with a WOS Performance LMS679 (2kW Denso, $475). Thanks for Lori at Kennedy Engineered Products for confirming compatibility. The change has been like night and day. It starts instantly now.

Bosch.png Bosch Model Markings.png HiTech Table.png WOSP LMS679.png


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