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I have completed my GTM and I would like to sell it and build another one. I have enjoyed building them more than keeping them. Please look at my attached web site for more information and photos. www.gtmforsale.com
I have made many changes, which I believe is for the better, to this kit:
• Powder coating all the aluminum panels with black wrinkle ( remade many of the panels to improve fit or systems access)
• Changed floor pan to move seats inboard to improve head room
• Coolant system improvements to improve in cabin air temps
• Changed under car closeout panels to improve cabin air temps
• Added high tech materials to cooling system to improve cabin air temps
• Custom wire harness that moves the power train controller to under the dash with fusing for better access
• Updated engine cover hinges with a new pivot point that integrates the gas struts for better lifting
• Power deck lid lift and latch from 80’s GM full size cars
• Custom aluminum rear deck vents
• Added rear spoiler from Chevy Cobalt
• Hand bent hard stainless steel brake lines with short stainless flex lines
• Moved AC system blower motor to inside the cabin
• XM Radio, remote head system
• Simple component speakers in the doors
• Changed door panels to have more upper strength and to support inside door glass wiper
• Updated door skin to support an outer door glass wiper
• Change door front flag post to improve glass track ( stock GTM Glass system is really inadequate at best and we did what we could without a complete redesign)
• Stainless steel door strikers
• Updated door hinge system to improve door opening
• Move the front of the doors out flush to front fenders
• Move front hood pivot points to increase hood opening
• Add material to the front lower air intake to improve air flow
• Added front splitter
• Added side splitters
• Custom aluminum rear vent around the tail pipes
• Naca ducts, dual engine air intakes in quarter panels
• Dual inline air cleaners
• Made custom rear tail lens to have a blacked out feature
• Updated rear tail lights to LED
• Custom headlight mounting rings

Thank you,
[email protected]
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