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Trying to get a group purchase together for some AWESOME, SUPER COOL radiators for the FFR Cobra. These are top quality, high performance radiators made by
Ron Davis Radiators , and being offered by Gordon Levy .

These radiators feature:

Better cooling than the stock donor unit (wider and thicker)
All aluminum construction
Dual 12" fans
Custom shroud

Per Gordon, the cost is as follows:
Ok guys, here's the scoup on the custom radiators. For a 1 off with shroud and 2, 12" fans it will be $649. If we get a group purchase together and order 5 it will be $595. If we can get 10 or more, it will be $525. This is a custom design done by Ron Davis and Myself to fit the FFR. Shipping will very from $20-$40 depending on where you are. Please let me know. 480-446-8442.
We have three orders so far. If you are interested, please call Gordon Levy, and post here.

Here is an example of what they look like. They will have the correct Ford inlet/outlet, and can be ordered with or without a filler neck.


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I ran the spal setup with the rubber flaps and I loved them. One problem is that if you don't keep your foot on the brake when the fans are on you will be pulled down the road :eek: . Gordon, what about one without the fans and shrouding?
I am watching this page each day in the hope that Gordon Levy or Ron Davis has been reading the input here and will reply with "plan b", a radiator much the same as the one that is being offered, but without the shroud. Show us one that fits, keeps a 400-500 H.P. motor cool, and has flanges where we can mount or figure out the shroud/fan setup that makes us happy. obviously no one radiator, complete with shroud and fans, all in one kit is going to be what everyone thinks is the perfect choice. I just want one that fits the FFR, and doesnt need for me to try it for fit, and then take it to my radiator guy to be modified so that it really is correct for this application. Offer the shroud, fans, and maybe a fill neck,or tank as separate options.
I have had a bolt in Rob Davis radiator for years without the fans that I sell for $349.
If you have gotten up to ten, I am interested, Gordon.
Gordon, regarding your last post, how about some specifics? part#, pics? suitable for high H.P. motors? Fits FFR with hoses aimed correctly? Or should we just contact you and get this info? I just dont want to buy something that falls short of doing the job. Steve
Gordon, Bill,
What happened to this?
I think we already have the 10 people, don't we?
I have 2 confirmed and about 7 definate maybe if's. If you are serious, please call me at 480-446-8442. for me to order for the group, I need a confirmed order w/ a credit card #. It will not be charged until we have conformation on the number of rads to be ordered. I will also contact each individually to confirm they still want it.
Hey everyone. Those interested need to contact Gordon ASAP so he can see how many people are interetsed.


I just signed up. Gordon says we already have 5 confirmed.
mine was one of them. come-on guys, we need 10 to get the best price, and I need a radiator at a good price. my neighbor just bought the same type from some other source, cost him $550 without fans. cheers, SRP
Five down and five to go. This is a great price for a super radiator. You won't get a better deal for the quality.


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We have 6 confirmed.
WE HAVE SIX CONFIRMED!! Only 4 more needed to reap some great savings!!

Come on guys

I've also confirmed with Gordon (one of the six mentioned above).

If anybody is sitting on the fence out there, CALL GORDON NOW!!!

I was quoted over $700 for a similar radiator (by another Ron Davis distributor), and it didn't even include the dual fans and shroud. This is an excellent value for one of the best radiators available.
I mentioned in my previous post above that I was going to use the dual Spal fans. Well, I ended up purchasing the 'off the shelf' Ron Davis radiator (just happened to be the size I wanted) from Gordon and installed it over the weekend. So far this setup is working great! Fans kick on at 195 and within 1 minute the temp is back down to 180 and fans shut off. The real test of course, will be when I get stuck in traffic during the summer but all indications point to no problems.

Here's a pic of my new setup.

Gene :D :D :D
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That looks awesome!! Come on over tonight and let's take a look. I should be home around 7:30.

We have 7 confirmed. Only need 3 or more for the good price.
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