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Trying to get a group purchase together for some AWESOME, SUPER COOL radiators for the FFR Cobra. These are top quality, high performance radiators made by
Ron Davis Radiators , and being offered by Gordon Levy .

These radiators feature:

Better cooling than the stock donor unit (wider and thicker)
All aluminum construction
Dual 12" fans
Custom shroud

Per Gordon, the cost is as follows:
Ok guys, here's the scoup on the custom radiators. For a 1 off with shroud and 2, 12" fans it will be $649. If we get a group purchase together and order 5 it will be $595. If we can get 10 or more, it will be $525. This is a custom design done by Ron Davis and Myself to fit the FFR. Shipping will very from $20-$40 depending on where you are. Please let me know. 480-446-8442.
We have three orders so far. If you are interested, please call Gordon Levy, and post here.

Here is an example of what they look like. They will have the correct Ford inlet/outlet, and can be ordered with or without a filler neck.


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Gordon..... I still use the stock purge tank . How is it handled with this radiator?
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