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No vendor review section here so I'd like to report great experiences with Tri-States and CT Classics. Both are very prompt with shipments and very helpfull with customer needs. I had a price mis-understanding with CT (My fault) and it was resolved in my favor- great customer service! Thanks to both.

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Nice topic. My kudo list is
Mike Forte
Mike Mack, Tri-States
Mark Reynolds, Breeze Automotive
Gordon Levy
Craig Anderson
Summit Racing
Vintage Performance Motorcars, William and Craig Mapstone
Dave's Performance
Pegasus Racing
Racer Parts Wholesale
Trico Parts, FMS dealer
Performance Wheel Outlet
Precision Brake Company
Factory Five Racing
Russ Thompson
Richard Oben
Roger Stine
Wayne Presly
Mike Everson
Benny Kapitan
Bruce Chervenak
Cheetah Neal
Andy Dunn
There is probably more

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Mine include:

Factory Five Racing - the best kit on the market!

Stewart Transport - Great service, great drivers!

Breeze Automotive - great service, cool things to make the build faster and better!

Finish Line - Must have products to finish the kit!

Russ Thompson - Must have gas pedal!

Mike's Customer Cobra Parts - I love his seat belt and windshield plates, and I bought the rear truck prop kit.

PS Engineering - I love my wheels!

The Engine Factory - Great prices and quality, a little slow on delivering our 351's.

Gordon Levy - Helped me 6 months ago with showing me a completed car, great guy!

Tri-State Motorsports - Great guy with great specials!

Tommie Vaugh Ford - Great prices on FMS parts!

Pro Liquid Buffer - I liked the product so much I now help him sell it online!

Houston Drive Line - Drive shats shortened in 1 day with new u-joints for only $60!

Airline Plating - Perfect job of chroming our pipes, roll bars, and bumper jacks! Each car = $425 total!

Mighty Discount Muffler - As always, great job of lining up the j-pipes!

And the list keeps growing.... building 3 Cobras at once and two Daytona's, we learned a lot about buying goodies!
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