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Got the Donor and so it begins!

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Picked up my Donor today. 87 LX (I know, speed density and all but I'll be plenty happy with that for now).
Car came with a new set of 3:73's (still in the box), a 190LPH fuel pump, and drive shaft hoop all still in boxes.
Car also has a new set of BBK headers (Chrome) and a new BBK Off Road H pipe (in fact entire Exhaust is new BBK set up). Runs real strong. Drive train felt real solid. It does show 172K on the odometer which is not working. So, I'll be tearing it down for inspection.
I figure there are plenty of things I can sell off of the car to make back a few bucks. Oh yeah, I only paid $1300 for the whole kit and kaboodle.
The ride home was interesting. 95 degrees and only the driver's window goes down (no a/c), 2 1/2 hr drive down I95 in beach traffic and I get caught in a thunderstorm with no stinking wipers on the car! My buddy was ahead of me in my Concorde laffing his arse off at me. Kept rolling down his window to tell me was too cold!
And the best part.......I get to change the remarks in my profile!

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Congrats on the donor. I had mine for a year before I got the kit. Now I am driving it around and having a blast.

The BBK headers may hit the footboxes. That has been an issue on some cars in the past. Have fun tearing it apart. Ebay is a great source for getting rid of things you think are worthless and making a few buck.
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