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March 24. Like I needed more sleepless nights. Talked to Jason at Factory Five... he took his time and answered every question I had. And, man did I blast him with questions. I mean, very important questions about my order like:

Is the car comfortable to sleep in? And,

How easy is it to clean the rubber off the back of the car after fish-tailing it through an intersection?

After talking to Larry Johnson, here is my completely changed order:

  • Powder coated chassis</font>
  • Body cut-outs</font>
  • Pin drive IRS (Thank you Larry)</font>
  • Coated headers</font>
  • Aluminum Steering rack</font>
  • Vintage gauges</font>
  • Pre-cut dash</font>
  • Oil cooler</font>
  • FFR Radiator/overflow</font>
  • Hood hinge/Wind wings/Visors</font>
  • Brake duct wire mesh</font>
  • Battery cut-off</font>
  • Lucas wipers</font>
  • Vertical over-riders</font>
  • Heater</font>
  • Wire Harness</font>
  • Lock-out shifter</font>
Now just waiting on Stewart Trans to give me delivery date.


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Wait.. Mark9 says it will be here before I know it, you're saying it will seem like years. So, which is it?

Great! Something else to think about while I lay awake at night.
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