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my brothers office building one of the other tenants, has some interesting cars, he has major garage space, he just got a new csx #8378 i think thats a close memory to the number, black with a aluminum block 289, didn't know that was available, it seems the engine is more forward, got the spin off spokes, lots of trunk space, under the car exhaust, the way it sat i bet a close 3" from the ground.
red interior
big trunk
tko-500 he said but he doesn't know too much about it, my brother fixed a leak on his speed sensor, and now it has a leak on the radiator temp bung.
the shifter is way forward to the dash almost like it has the forward shifter used on the top-loader TKO. but it may be just the location of the engine.
i am getting him set up with some '62 plates.
and hope to get him next friday to the Fenton car show.
the engine sounds sweet has a good sounding cam
sorry no pics. we did check mine out too he liked the mods i did to it and another one telling me they like it in primer:evil:
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