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Good year tires

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really like the Good year bold lettering
tire. But they are only 60's that is 275/60-15. This translates into a 28"
diameter instead of a 25.8" at 50's. Could you tell me what you think about
fit and looks. Thanks Bill Knight
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You might want to check out this web site Roger Kraus Racing Roger has a seperate page for just Cobra tires.
Bill, I use the Goodyear slicks for autocross. They are OK but they really don't get hot enough to work the way they should. If I go to an autocross after running a road course it takes about three runs just to get them clean. On a road course the slicks are great. I have been thinking about a set of Hoosiers for autocross, anybody running them?
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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