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Good year tires

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really like the Good year bold lettering
tire. But they are only 60's that is 275/60-15. This translates into a 28"
diameter instead of a 25.8" at 50's. Could you tell me what you think about
fit and looks. Thanks Bill Knight
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I also have the Goodyear rain tires non DOT they nlook fantastic but they do find every bump in the road and are very sticky if you are looking for a set call shelby in vegas thats where I got mine a year ago.
Bob the sizes I have are 26.5x8.0x15 on the front & 26.5x10.5x15 on rears if I remember the fronts were around $185.00 and the rears $195.00 if your looking for that vintage look you won't find any other tire that looks better but as Bob Rego said they do find every crack, rock and any thing else thats in the road .
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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