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Good year tires

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really like the Good year bold lettering
tire. But they are only 60's that is 275/60-15. This translates into a 28"
diameter instead of a 25.8" at 50's. Could you tell me what you think about
fit and looks. Thanks Bill Knight
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Bill, if you’re referring to the Goodyear Eagle Racing Slicks (available in a smooth or grooved rain tire pattern)... they are 26.5x8.0x15 front and 26.5x10.5x15 rear. They are bias ply... you really have to drive a car with these babies on... they will follow every crack in the road... if not a smoother track surface... and Kurt is right... because of the softer compound you couldn’t expect to see any decent mileage out of them. Although they are not DOT approved you might be able to get away with using them on the street... if you don’t mind stone chips peppering that $4k+ paint job below the belt-line. When heated the rubber compound is so soft they will throw any debris on the road at your quarter panels... and be ready to get nailed by a sharp local peace officer for driving with illegal rubber. They are constructed with one purpose in mind... to race... and win... unless you plan on building a trailer queen!

Johnny and I have the same set... got mine from Roger Kraus Racing in Castro Valley, CA. I wouldn’t hesitate to deal with them again... their customer service is top shelf.

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