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My father and i are getting ready to buy a kit car. It will be our first one. We really want to build a shelby cobra 427. What engine choices are possible with these kits? What tranny choices are there? Do you need a mustang donor car if your not going to use the mustang engine and tranny? I have so many more questions so if anyone has any good sites that would be great. From what i have been reading everyone likes the FFR kits. Any info would be great..Thanks a lot.

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Welcome to the group! I would definitly settle down one night and set this site to as far back as you can and just READ, READ, READ... Many questions will be answered by reading! Do know that there are many cobra replica kits out there and this site is dedicated to the Factory Five's Roadster....

Great bunch of people here!

Kit Companies:

Antique and Collectible Autos, Inc.
(kits starting around 13995 , turnkeys start about 29000)

Auto Sport Performance Products (ASPP)
(kits starting around 7998 , turnkeys start about 32000)

B&B Cobra Manufacturing
(kits starting around 6500)

C-F Enterprises Ltd.
(kits starting around 2795)

Classic Roadsters
(kits starting around 13850)

ERA Replica Automobiles
(kits starting around 14900 , turnkeys start about 39900)

Everett-Morrison Motorcars - currently not selling kits.
(kits starting around 14676 , turnkeys start about 31640)

Factory Five Racing
(kits starting around 11900 , turnkeys start about 22500)

Group Five Limited
(kits starting around 2495 , turnkeys start about 29500)

Hunter Enterprises
(kits starting around 6000)

Indy Exotics
(kits starting around 8995 , turnkeys start about 45000)

Innovative Street Machines (not recommended, but they're a Cobra manufacturer...)
Because of the history behind this company, I'll let you find the website. Sorry.
(kits starting around 9995)

Lone Star Classics, Inc.
(kits starting around 12995 , turnkeys start about 37000)

Midstates Classic Cars & Parts, Inc. (See Shell Valley)
(kits starting around 12000 , turnkeys start about 39000)

RU Car Crafters, Inc.
(kits starting around 7990)

Shell Valley Companies (see Midstates)
(kits starting around 6400 , turnkeys start about 33000)

Street Beasts (Not recommended, but they are a Cobra manufacturer...)
Because of the history behind this company, I'll let you find the website. Sorry.
(kits starting around 9995)

Unique Motorcars
(kits starting around 8995 , turnkeys start about 39995)

West Coast, Inc.
(kits starting around 21950 , turnkeys start about 42000)



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A lot of people do a non donor FFR build. Some parts may be hard or expensive to find with out a donor. The FFR FAQ (see above on this forum) can answer many of your questions. The FFR kits were designd to use MANY parts from a Mustang donor. While many drive train options can be made to work, again the FFR was designed with the Ford gear in mind
IMHO The FFR is a great kit!

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In the world of Cobra replicas, your choice of drivetrains is literally unlimited? Since the car is a replica, you are not limited by what the original builer used.

For an engine, you can use Ford or GM most commonly, but Mopar has also been used. V-8's are most common, but some V-6's and a couple of V-10's have been used. The Ford Windsor is proibably most common, as it is cheap and easy horsepower.

For transmissions, pick one that goes with your engine.

For a rear end, use live axle or IRS, depending on use and budget. The 8.8" is quite popular and very strong for such a light eight car, but the 9" can be easily adapted for serious drag racing. Ford makes a very good IRS which is easily available. But the Jag IRS may be a little stronger, but also more expensive and harder to find. And there are a few aftermarket IRS systems available that are really sweet, but very expensive. Some kits use Corvettes suspension, including the IRS.

Folks in this forum all build the Factory Five kit, and therefore stick mostly with Ford Mustang components for the suspension. Many folks (myself included) are not using a donor car, but buying the Mustang pieces that we need and then using the aftermarket for the rest.

My car will have a stroked 351W (427ci), 5 speed Tremec, and a Ford IRS. Power should be around 500 hp, give or take. I'm not in the least worried about strength of the IRS. I'll be using Ford parts for the front suspension and brakes as well. Like I said, I am not using a donor car.

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When comparing different kits, make a list of what you get for your money. Although the basic kit price may be very low, the number of parts you have to buy to finish it could break you. Some "basic kit" prices only reflect a body and frame, others include just about eveything you'll need.

Also, find the kit that has the things that are important to you, body shape, frame type, interior options, etc.

Have fun.


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The reason FFR goes with the mustang donor is you only need one car to build the kit. some kits need many different parts hard to find sometimes costly. FFR is set up to handle most of the ford line of motors and trannys. Adding a chevy or mopar you would have to move the motor and tranny
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