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I'm selling my GEN 1 GTM roller. I have had this kit for waaaaay too long. I didn't have the funds to complete this how I wanted to originally now I have the funds but my heart is just no longer in this build. I was going to purchase a graziano transmission and build a twin turbo setup this fall but with the amount of money I was going to spend I've decided to sell this and put the money towards land or my dream car. This car is being sold in roller form. The kit is complete how I purchased it from Factory Five but the rear hatch glass was broken a long time ago and the rear hatch was lost in the move... I have all original panels and even some extra that FF accidentally doubled up on. I do have the original assembly manual. I did at one point have this running and driving in go-kart form, that being said brakes, cooling system, suspension, steering is complete and already installed.

Included in price
GTM kit complete with AC setup (without rear hatch or rear hatch glass)
C5 corvette suspension, gas tanks, telescoping steering column, brakes, radiator and fans, overflow tank (Have a brand new one not installed)
C5 wire harness installed on the vehicle how FF wanted it installed
C5 door handles, side mirrors, latches and anything else you would need off of the C5 donor car
ZR1 style wheels with tires 18" front 19" rear
Cable shifter (stock shifter is a paper weight)
G50 03 5speed transaxle with stock clutch, flywheel, 2 starters, slave cylinder, both driveshafts complete
Gen 3 Chevrolet V8 engine harness already wired up and ready for your engine

Kit with extra parts included adds up to $35,000 I'm asking $25,000.

I recently disassembled another C5 corvette for extra parts so I have 2 extra gas tanks, steering column, complete vehicle wiring harness, stock gauges with HUD and more. If you would like any of these parts let me know and I will include them with the sale.

I do have a complete LS1 out of a 2003 Corvette that I could include for an extra $2500

Yes the engine bay is dusty, its been sitting in the shop a while...


Shoot me messages or your contact info if you have questions or are interested in purchasing this car. I'm sure most of you on here understand what it takes to build this car that being said I'm not looking forward to posting this on Facebook or Craigslist but in a few weeks I will. I wanted to give Factory Five fans first dibs

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Hi my name is Duane, please give me a call 315-491-6489, I would like to talk with you about your car. Thank you
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