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All prices as indicated plus reasonable shipping fee. Everything thoughtfully packed and will be shipped out promptly via FedEx ground ASAP after payment is received. Paypal preferred. To keep things clean, email me at [email protected] if interested in any of the items and I will update this top post as things move. Thanks!

- Allen.

Jegs Canister Fuel Filter

Like-new condition with an extra filter and seals new-in-box. Price - $25

Ansen Valve Cover Spacers - Small Block Ford

Like-new condition, made from cast aluminum, painted black. Will space your valve covers 1.5” above the surface of your head. Price - (SOLD!!!)

Hurst Indy Shifter Handle for Tremec w/knob

Nice condition. Price - (SOLD!!!)

Front Turn Signal Lenses – Amber

Nice condition, bezel and lenses included. Price - (SOLD!!)

March Adjustment Rod w/rod ends

March P/N RA-4.375 Span at rod end centers – 6.375” min / 7.875” max. Price - (SOLD!!)

Fuel Pump blanking plate w/ gasket

Chrome blanking plate with a new gasket. Price - $5

Breather Cap Grab bag

Two crinkle black, one chrome, and one chrome K&N. These all have the “male” inserts. Price - $7 each.

NOS Turn Signal/High beam switch

Crinkle Black as original. Price (SOLD!!)

Spark Plug Wire Loom / Separators

Black, nice condition. Price (SOLD!!)

Weber Jets / Kit for IDF/IDA/DCOE

All sizes as indicated, no drilling. Airs: 165/170/175/180 Mains: 125/130/140/145 Idles: 40/45/50/55 Set includes enough for four (4) carburetors. 96pcs in all. Price - (SOLD!!)

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March adjust

I will take it.

email sent
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