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Gage illumination

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Has anyone used the radio shack lights to light the Mustang gages? Did 1 gage and it does not seem to give enough light.Is it worth doing all the gages or is there a better way? Thanks Airman
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You can increase the illumination of the LED's by driving more current through them. Here's how:
Try using a smaller value resistor and see if that helps give you more illumination.
Down fall to this solution is the more current, the more you will shorten the life span of the lamp. However, LED's do last much longer than standard incondescent lamps.
Just make sure you dont over-drive the LED or they will burn up.
Colored LED's also dont illuminate as much as white but they sure look cool!

Decrease the resistor value in small increments.
Best bet is to get a variable resistor and find a value that works best. Then measure the value and purchase resistors closest to the one you have selected.

Make sure you have the LED's pointing at the area you want to illuminate. Keep in mind the angle of viewing is much smaller in LED's than on incandescent lamps. You may have luck by positioning them better along the light pipes on the back of the gauge.

Good luck,
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I bought Radio Shack 272-1092c I dont think they are LEDs. They are Micro Lamps 12v 60ma. Are they the right ones? Thanks airman :confused:
I used lights from Radio Shack (I think the same one's your using). They are not as bright as I would like, but when driving the car at night they do offer enough light that I can read the gauges (i.e. the lights are a lot better than nothing). One important note, place the lights on the ends of the light posts on the gauges, not the sides. Radio Shack makes a small 12V battery (about the size of a AA) that you can use in a dark room to test the best placement for each light. When I did this, I found that the end worked much better than the sides. Good luck.

Micro Lamps #7219 from Radio Scrap is what I used.

2 per small gauge
4 for the tach
6 for the speedo
Not quite as bright as the FFR supplied amp meter, but good enough to read well.

all placed in the ends of the light posts.

Make sure you wire them parallel, not series.
I built enclosures around the back of each guage then used the lights from the donor. The lids from black spray paint cans work great for the smaller guages, just cut out any webbing inside the cap. Then cut holes in the back of the cap the same shape as the ones in the guage pod for the bulbs to mount into. I had to build boxes for the tach and speedo, same priciple though. The speedo has a couple spots that aren't lit as well, but the rest light up just like in the Mustang.

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Thanks for the imput.
I bought all of the micro lamps so Im going to stick with them,put in a few more like Brown trout suggested. #7219 is the same as 272-1092c.
Thanks again
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