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Another bit of info for the guys with G96 gearboxes...

After a lengthy struggle with clutch travel issues I determined that the spacing between the distance between the front face of the diaphragm spring and the front face of the bell housing must be off.

The issue was that the clutch fork would travel all the way forward and into the pressure plate housing before the clutch was fully disengaged (there is at least one other thread I started about this issue).

It turned out NOT to be a pedal travel issue but rather a geometry issue (not that you shouldn't have a pedal stop because you still should). I fixed it by fabricating my own spacer. It's made from 4140 steel rod starting out life at 2-1/4" diameter. Several hours of lathe work later, it is installed and has fixed my clutch issue!!

I can now fully disengage and shift without interference between the pressure plate housing and the fork. I even slid a business card in between the fork and the housing to be sure (because it's hard to see) and with the clutch fully disengaged and wheels turning easily by hand, the card slides easily. Previously, this test caused the card to be cut clean through where the fork and housing came together.

That said, if anyone else runs into this issue, I still have plenty of raw material left and I'm happy to whip up a spacer for anyone that needs one. It just presses into the front of the throw-out bearing and everything else assembles as normal.

If anyone is interested I have the final dimensions that I used and lots more pictures. I'm also happy to discuss!


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