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G-Tech Pro Group Purchase

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OK, I lined up a group discount for FFCars.com members for a G-Tech Pro.

This is the newest model offered by Tesla. The G Tech Pro Performance Meter lets you quickly, accurately and simply measure the following performance and safety parameters:

* 0 to 60 mph time
* 1/4 mile elapsed time (E.T.)
* 1/4 mile trap speed
* Instantaneous lateral acceleration (G s)
* Sustained lateral acceleration (G s)
* 60 mph braking distance
* Instantaneous braking Gs
* Sustained braking Gs
* Horsepower

This unit is brand new, never used and in its original carton and includes a G Tech Pro decal and all mounting hardware.

Here's the deal:

Normally, this is what he sells them for:
My discounted price for GTech Pro Performance Meters is $114.99 or 18% below the manufacturers direct retail sale price. USPS Priority Mail Shipping (USA only) with Delivery Confirmation and handling is $5.50 per unit, or $120.49 total per unit.
But for FFCars.com members, he will offer us:
In your case, if your members quote their "ffcars.com" membership I'll be happy to provide the 10% discount ($103.49) but individual shipping is still $5.50 in the USA $7.50 to Canada.
Send a certified check or money order to:
Mathew Aaron
P.O. Box 12132
Greenville, SC 29612


Pay via Paypal ( http://www.paypal.com ) by sending your payment to my e-mail address
[email protected]
Special Notes for Paypal users:
a) Shipments can only be made to your Paypal CONFIRMED address.
b) Paypal will give you $5 off for signing up.

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It does look like a good deal.

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