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The important part of a voltmeter's function is to display a usable reading. It should be connected at the same major load point as the regulator monitoring circuit wire. That way both the alternator, and you, see the same voltage - which will be a lot better indicator than some obscure connection unrelated to charging.

My Cherokee reads voltage from the back of the gauge printed circuit, and after 22 years, it now reads about 9.5VDC when the lights, fans, and radio are playing. At the solenoid, where the regulator reads, guess what? 14.4VDC. The old corroded wiring loses 5VDC by the time it reads at the back of the gauges. The fix is to isolate the connection and run a wire all the way back to the same terminal as the regulator - thru the keyed switch connection.

Some might wonder why I harbor a dislike of factory wiring. Drive old stuff, you get an education. And yes, there are fixes for sensor circuits out there, too - a 5VDC drop IS the entire reading on them. Thereby, my mantra, Don't Use Donor Harnesses. Nothing but trouble.

Ask me how I know? Driving a 22 year old "donor" harness.
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