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Fuel pump recommendations

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Setup is a gen 1 coyote, looking to go E85 with generous track use, so baffling is helpful.
I was running an 04 Mustang tank with a 255 walbro. The basket which holds the pump and sender came detached from the tank, and the whole assembly was laying on its side in the fuel tank. I was losing fuel pressure on right turns under 3/4 tank, which is quite inconvenient. The factory spot welds from the basket to the tank botton came apart.
I'm looking for a cost effective solution to provide ~300+ lph of E85.
1. Replace with a factory tank and add 340lph deatchworks dw300c pump. This would require removing the factory vents/canisters which in never figured out how during building. They seemed stuck without destruction.
Can I jb weld the basket back in and just install a new pump? Seems like I have plenty of area with the bottom of the basket to attach to the bottom of the tank. See picture below.
2. Cobra fuel hat option? Seems like the cobra hat requires an 03/04 tank for the baffling, which gets expensive fast. It mounts from the top of the tank but with no baffles in a gt tank, it won't work, right?
3. Any nice 87-93 packages available for my requirements?
4. Fuel cells look crazy expensive, like $3k+.
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This is suppose to be fixed to the bottom of the tank to hold the fuel pump/sender assembly with the 4 tack welds which broke.

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I ended up going with option 1. I ordered a deatchworks 340 lph pump and replacement 04 GT fuel tank (spectra). I also ordered AN hose and fittings to upgrade the fuel lines. I was using the factory five provided components, 5/16" hard supply, with a 1/4" hard return with misc short sections of rubber hose to make the end connections. That was enough to make 500+hp at the crank, but I'm sure was at the limit. I picked up AN hose to run a -6 supply in steel braided PTFE with proper AN ends and will repurpose the 5/16" hard line for return duty. Frustratingly, some fittings are on back order, but I'll get the car running on 93 for now and finish the lines later.
As for the emissions components I was concerned about removing, I found a youtube video showing they can be turned a quarter turn counter clockwise for removal.
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