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I moved this off my build thread so no need to respond on that section.

Are you using an in tank electric fuel pump? If not you do not want to have the fuel filter there. The filter should be on the pressureized side of the pump before the carb, not on the suction side.


Mr Jeff

No I have a external low pressure inline electric pump.

I 100% want to take your advise.

I have been reading the instructions for the pump.

It states:

Fuel tank

Fuel filter required on the inlet side

Fuel pump

The out towards engine

So between Mr. Jeff and Mr Mark I will delete the efi filter from factory five. I will replace that with the pump. Then run hard line. I will put the a filter, regulator and gauge in the engine bay before the carb. Running the hard lines behind the cockpit and along the passenger main tune rail.

It also says that I can be within 24 inch above the the top of the tank. However it does want it as close to the tank as possible.

Any pics would be awesome!



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