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I am a novice mechanic and need some help. I have a stock '89 5.0 EFI with the stock wire harness and nothing removed. I turn the key and can hear the fuel pump turn on engine cranks but will not start. I was able to verify fuel to the fuel rail. I have 12 volts at on the red wire to the injectors. I have triple check timming and every thing is right there. I think the injectors are not opening. How can I verify that.

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Im betting with Richard.
:D :D :D

If it were a carb car, you could pour a gigger full of gas down the carb to see. Dont know how you fuelies handle this.

youve checked to see that you have spark at the plugs?? And, its blue, not yellow.

When did the engine last run and what have you done to it??

If you checked your spark at the coil, double check your rotor button


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Stop by your local parts store and pick up a "noid" light($5) for testing your Bosch injectors.
Unplug an injector and connect the noid light and have someone crank over you engine. the noid should flash which shows the injectors are firing. If its not you can start with the injector wiring to the EEC module.

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