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Front Suspension Newbie Question

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Well, the long awaited tubular lower control arms have arrived, but I seem to have run into a prolem on installation. First, I am assuming that both the upper and lower control arms are interchangeable left to right. Please, correct me if I'm wrong!
Now, with the control arms in place, and the spindle on the lower ball joint, the upper ball joint doesn't seem to line up correctly with the hole in the IFS bracket. If I adjust the upper arm to get the upper ball joint over the hole, the spindle binds and won't turn. If I turn the spindle, while looking down from above, the upper ball joint hole descibes an arc, rather than being stationary with the spindle pivoting around it. (I hope I am describing this understandably!) Any ideas? I'm stumped on this one. Thanks in advance.

Ed Reynolds
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The tubular lower control are NOT interchangeable side-to-side if I recall correctly (it's been a while), I seem to recall the supplemental instructions saying how to tell which was which.

Is your car on jackstands with the suspension hanging at full extension?
When the car is unloaded, with the arms hanging, the ball joints are at a very awkward angle and their grease boots will go askew. Also it will bind on steering lock to lock, as spindle rotation forces one side or the other into a little compression. All this sorts out at ride height.


I must have the "old" lower control arms (and they are pin-drive, to boot), but my directions say "...the shock mounts are on the underside of the arm and the shock mount is offset toward the front of the arm."

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