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Front Suspension Newbie Question

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Well, the long awaited tubular lower control arms have arrived, but I seem to have run into a prolem on installation. First, I am assuming that both the upper and lower control arms are interchangeable left to right. Please, correct me if I'm wrong!
Now, with the control arms in place, and the spindle on the lower ball joint, the upper ball joint doesn't seem to line up correctly with the hole in the IFS bracket. If I adjust the upper arm to get the upper ball joint over the hole, the spindle binds and won't turn. If I turn the spindle, while looking down from above, the upper ball joint hole descibes an arc, rather than being stationary with the spindle pivoting around it. (I hope I am describing this understandably!) Any ideas? I'm stumped on this one. Thanks in advance.

Ed Reynolds
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I am the proud owner of chassis 3614. When I received my kit I was short the lower tubular arms, I was in such a rush for them I took them a week ago less the powder coating. Then I decided to change to the 94/95 front spindles which changes the non painted IFS bracket supplied by FFR. When I returned the IFS bracket backet to FFR in turned out I had the correct one for 94/95 spindles I am just wondering if you are using 87/93 spindles FFR shipped you the wrong IFS bracket?
Maybe Call them in the moring
anyway good luck with your build I am having a blast so far
Let me know how you make out
I am told the are shorter
Call FFR and ask for Joe
Let me know
email [email protected]
Its not the control arm, it is the IFS bracket that is different
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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