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Originally posted by bchaulk:
Earls set up is the best, it's also an easy install during the build. But I understand yours is already done. Brian
Many folks have installed my kit after the car is complete... The Second One ever installed was installed by me on Dave Van Sleens Car.. The car was complete. I have Many photos on the CD of the install on his car with the body on.. Its a little tuffer, but VERY DOABLE. Probally takes about 50% longer with the body on..

With the body off, its a 3 - 4 hour job. If you had a second one to do, you could do it in two hours or less after satisfying the learning curve..

The instruction CD that comes with the kit has about 100 photos of all phases of the install. One set of photos body off. one set, body on.

If i were building my car today, id probably put both types of vents in place. One thing for sure, the vents to under the car will not blow air during the stop part of Stop-and-go traffic. And Stop-and-go traffic is when you need vents the most.

About 10% of all FFRs have my kit. and todate, I know of no unsatisfied customers. Shooting for 100%.

The more comfortable the "Significant Other" is, the happier every one is....... And the more these cars will be driven. And, the more they are driven, the more we will see them... and we all like to see them on the road.


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