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Earl, you are a smart man :D . I am not done yet but getting closer. I went over to the paint shop last night and they are wet sanding and buffing. I take the chassis back over on Wednesday to stick the body back on. The painter has some people coming over from Atlanta to look at it on Saturday week. I will pick it up Monday the 19th. I think the color is awesome. Titanium with black stripes. Body looks pretty good. Should look alot better after they sand and buff it. It had a little trash in the paint and slight orange peel. I guess most of them do. I supplied the materials so he wasn't used to the clear. He said it was a little runnier than he was used to. I didn't take pics because it was kinda dirty with the sanding debris. You can bet your A$$ I will post pics when I get good ones. Hopefully middle of next week. Then I have to cram it together so I can drive away in it at my wedding 9-7 :eek: . Just my luck that everything gets together right before I get married and I miss out on chasing all the hotties in the car :D . Note to newbies: Line up your body man way, way(like 6 months) in advance and add a month or so to their expected shop time.

Back to post. I don't have a problem holding it until September or first October.

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