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Many of you are fans of the Coyote, and yes, many know the differences - but this document provided more info than I've seen before!

TECHNICAL REFERENCE 2011-2019 5.0L Coyote Improvements

Gen 3 Coyote improvements over Gen 1, Gen 2:
• Larger bores to allow for larger valves
• PTWA (Plasma Transferred Wire Arc) cylinder bores as found on the GT350 5.2L
• Larger intake valves
• Larger exhaust valves
• Revised higher lift intake camshafts
• Revised higher lift exhaust camshafts
• Stiffer valve springs to allow for a higher maximum rpm of 7500rpm
• All new, stronger cylinder-head casting, including further revised ports from Gen 2 resulting in flow characteristics approaching the CNC’d ports in the GT350 5.2L.
• Sinter forged connecting rods carried over from the BOSS 302 engine and Gen 2 Coyote
• Higher compression 12:1 pistons with deeper cutouts to clear the new larger valves
• Rebalanced forged crankshaft that supports higher-rpm operation
• A new revised, higher flowing intake manifold with the same CMCV feature as introduced on Gen 2
• Dual fuel system – Direct Injection and Port Fuel systems which allow for a higher compression ratio, maximizing performance and fuel efficiency
• On the intake side, variable camshaft timing mid-lock phasers carry over from Gen 2. The Exhaust phasers migrate to an in-cylinder head oil control valve for better control at all speeds and loads


Cylinder Heads:
• The 2018-2019 Coyote, Gen 3 cylinder heads have further improved ports and larger valves – and flow as nearly as well as the GT350 5.2L CNC ported heads.

• The Gen 3 camshafts are 14mm lift on the intake and exhaust, which is 1mm of added lift vs. the Gen 2 Coyote, and 2mm over Gen 1
• Gen 3 camshafts must be used with the Gen 3 chain-drive and phasers
• The exhaust camshaft #1 journal is also larger to accommodate seals which prevent oil leakage from the phaser during operation

• The Gen 3 Coyote uses Gen 2 intake phasers, primary chains , secondary chains and crank sprocket. The exhaust phasers are new for Gen 3 and are attached with a single bolt.
• Gen 3 Chain Drive Kit PN - M-6004-A5018

Valve Springs
• Gen 3 valve springs are higher pressure and have a taller installed height than Gen 2

Chart showing the similarities and differences between Gen1,Gen2 & Gen3 Coyotes
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