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Fortes Parts Oil Thermostat

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I told Mike that I would post these for him. This is a "sandwich mount" oil thermostat that goes inbetween the filter and the block so that you do not have to use a remote mounted thermostat. Any questions should be directed to Mike Forte.

I may be picking one of these up myself when the time comes!

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Thanks Mike Rub it in :rolleyes:

If you (I) went with the canton block adapter and their nice billet t-stat and all the fittings you would spend clost to $285.. I believe mikes unit eliminates all that for under $80!

Like and pay.....
Mike that is what I am doing.. Not complete since car is still being painted but here is the logic..

canton part on the block with two hoses out and filter on it (4-4 headers)

two lines into canton t-stat mounted at location where the FFR relocator would have gone

two line out to FFR oil cooler..

all that was just over $276. Mikes unit eliminates the canton sandwich piece and t-stat and all the fittings.. both do the same but cost is a lot less...
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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