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Evans Waterless Coolant is now in stock.

This product provides a professional level protection for the inside of your engine and cooling system. With a higher boiling point of 375 degrees and it's anti- corrosion and electrolysis characteristics you can absolutely put to rest that engine and cooling internals are being addressed.....forever. Perfect for you sports car because of the anti-electrolysis and high boiling point and again for your classic car being frozen in time, your cooling system is not going to sour and cause hidden damage. Why worry of hidden electrolysis damage, change it out with Evans Waterless Coolant. It's the best product for the inside of your engine. We've got it, in stock.... here at Forte's Parts Connection. Home Page

Forte' Parts Connection 508-875-0016


Note: Current rides will need to be pre-flushed with Evans Prep-Fluid to remove water content to below 3%. New rides(new engine builds) do not need the Prep-Fluid.

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