I bought these a while back at the start of the build to potentially contend with CT DMV "emissions for the year of the engine" using a 1994 5.0L. My primary path was O2 sensors in the FFR straight headers which works well.

Anyway, in the end I did not need these as it went through with FFR headers / no CATs (all depends on the inspector in many cases).

Good for inspection if needed or if you want a much quieter ride for cruising and such.

1 pair - Ford Racing 302 shorty headers (chrome)
1 pair - FFR J-pipe CATs (steel - connect shorty's to FFR side pipes)

Would rather sell local due to size and shipping costs, but will do so if needed.
I was contemplating selling them for scrap these days :)

I will post pics later, but is what it is.