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NEW PICS! For Sale: 2004 MKII #5004 $30k

Link to pics: Picasa Web Albums - Brad - Factory Five ...

Thought about this last night; reducing price to $30k to adjust for buyer addressing "gremlin" and gas tank issues. Cheers.

Selling MK II #5004 after 7 years of fun driving. Its time to build another FFR Roadster this winter. My son (a gearhead) and I built 5004 with tons of help from this Forum. Started with a 1990 Mustang we got off of E-bay for $1600; all we used from it were T5 tranny (inspection report from A-L Gears in Benicia, CA reported it to be in fair condition; input and cluster gear has wear), new FMS-M756OA302 Clutch kit and SUM-700100 79-98 adj. clutch installed, the 8.8 rear (A-L installed a 3.55:1 set from Summit Racing), the reconditioned disc and drum brakes, and the wiring harness, which I dieted for no emissions (the only part of the build that does not bring back fond memories; next time Ron Francis) and the fuel tank and injection fuel rails. Oh, and the front spindles and pedal box. I’m pretty sure that’s all.

Manual Steering, manual brakes (just so you know; neither has ever been an issue for me).

ENGINE/Air/Elec: (all new 2004-2005) 11,700 miles

Ford 5.0L/302, short block engine (FMS-M6009B50, July 2004)
Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Cylinder Heads
E303 hyd. Roller cam, FMS alum. roller rocker arms
GT40 upper/lower intake w/spacer kit (to clear valve covers)
65mm TB w/EGR spacer
X3Z computer, 70mm MAF, 24# injectors ,(FMS-M9000C52 Cobra elec.
kit); I think this package was supposed to be “tuned” together, but the
Part# is no longer valid at Summit Racing to confirm.
MSD 6AL ignition, disty, coil
New timing chain, sprocket (FMS-M6268B302
High capacity water pump

2004 FFR MKII (#5004) ROADSTER EFI KIT ORDER (installed/functional):
Chrome DS roll bar
Ceramic coated headers and side exhausts
Wind wings, smoke sun visors
Wiper kit
Convertible soft top
Tonneau cover
Roadster street seats, black, leather, int. blk lthr trim
Autometer Vintage Gauge set
79-93 Manual steering rack and shaft kit
Front tubular lower control arms
Tubular rear control arms
Rear coil-over shock kit
3-Link rear suspension
Alum. Hallibrand replica wheels: 4 lug, 6 spoke. Front: 15”x8”, 5” B.S. Rear:
15”x10”, 6.25 B.S.

Oil cooler assembly – oil cooler installed in scoop under radiator (for looks
only), not hooked-up, parts available.
Heater/Defroster (still in box)

ADDITIONAL/MISC. (mostly from Forum vendors):
Rear fender spats (Brian & Lois)
AC pedals & FFR gas pedal (Finish Line)
Fresh air vent kit (to foot boxes) (Finish Line)
Glove box (Finish Line) I covered with leather, you may want rivet to dash to
make opening easier.
New Driveshaft (Breeze Automotive)
4” DS peep mirror (Speedway Motors)
Heated seats – back and seats (Cobra Heat LLC)
Seat installation kit (reclined seat 7 deg., w/DS track) (Breeze)
Aluminum radiator cowl cover kit (I think Russ Thompson?) for airflow
DS & PS 12V plugs
Stereo (had I known, I would not have spent the $)
Dummy battery cut-off switch at back of console, recessed battery box in
trunk, easy access remote jumper terminals
Door hinges, door latches and quick-jack bumpers all chromed
Pro – 5.0 Shifter
BBK 155 fuel pump
BBK Adjustable fuel pressure regulator w/gauge
Foam tubing installed between chassis and body to prevent unwanted
air/noise from engine bay.
Easy to install clip-on tonneau (from Forum vendor; I carry it with me always)
BFG Tires T/A Radial: Front 235/60R15 Rear 275/50R15
TFS cast alum. differential cover
Badges, side vents and more

WHATS GOOD: Very fast, enjoyable to drive. Great ride, smooth, no rattles or extraneous noises (as if you could hear them anyway). Great handling! Comfortable to drive; the cockpit does not get warm due to full Dynamat inside and Thermotec blanketing outside; plus the footbox air vents.

Looks great. Body work and paint by Ken Pike (streetrodpainter.com): all body parts fitted, cockpit edges rolled, custom hood hoop and hinge, internal trunk hinges, internal body mounts (no external bol heads to brak-up the lines), hood deck extended under scoop, full roll of fender edges, back of hood and trunk finished, undercoated. Pepper Grey metallic, black metallic stripes/pinstripes.

CONCERNS: These are the things that bother me about my car, in order:

FFR-supplied carpeting must go; just does not do our cars justice IMHO.

At rpm below 2000 – and only when moving in gear - the car sometimes “bucks”, like I'm in too high a gear (not a problem above 2000, mostly neighborhood driving; yeah, I know I could downshift, but I shouldn’t have to). I’ve found by trial and error that if I wire brush off the distributor posts before I drive, the problem holds off for a few hours, then returns (seems to be a lot of post build-up over a short period of time). Not a problem during most of a ride, just when at low rpm, like more-or-less coasting in 3rd gear. Still trouble-shooting. Of course this may also be an issue with tuning between the TB, MAF, injectors, and X3Z (air/fuel issue); may need a dynotune.
Anyway, I ordered a new disty today.

I’m pretty sure that a baffle in the fuel tank has let go; when gauge drops to ~ 2/3 full and I take a long right turn at speed, the engine will miss until I straighten out; no issues at all above 2/3 full.

Car was originally registered in California as a 2004 SPCN (SB100)Cobra Replica. Subsequently and currently registered in Arizona as a 2004 SPECO with the CA registration number as the VIN. So, should be no issues with reregistering in CA.

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Have seen 5004 up close many times -- great car!!

Dale: sorry you are selling -- your dropping by was always great motivation. However glad it is to start another one.........

5004 on one of your visits:


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CA Registration confirmed

Spoke with DMV in Sacramento yesterday; was assured car can be reregistered in CA:

VIN: CA 942710, tag attached to chassis

SB100#: 2004-492

BAR Vehicle Information Label # N0001922: 1/14/2005, Site XF799181, 2004 SPCN Cobra Repl, 1965/Ford/5L, Fuel Injection, PCV

I have all of the paperwork. Currently titled in AZ.

Currently working on the hesitation glitsch.


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