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I'm on a roll today getting some great advice on the Forum so I thought I'd ask one more niggling question!

I just installed my Flaming River rack per the instructions, spot drilled under the set screws and used red loctite. The instructions said to drill all 7 places. That would mean to drill the spline shaft too. It didn't make sense as there is a relief groove turned on the spline, I tried it anyway, but that sucker is hard! So I just tightened the last set screw and called it a day. Any words of wisdom here before I call the factory?

Thanks again.


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I did the same and haven't had a problem in over an year and about 6000 miles. I still compulsively check the tightness but haven't had the slightest bit of losening.

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Much as you did, I drilled all but the shaft with the groove. Much as you did, I used loctite.

However, in addition to all else, I shortened the shaft between the u-joints to eliminate any possible binding.

All the best,
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