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Five Star Ford is AWESOME!!!!!!

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Dan at Five Star Ford is awesome. I needed new IRS Hubs (long story short, Got my Pin Drive wheels yesterday and the T-Bird Hubs were drilled wrong). :mad: :mad: :mad: He sold me new Mustang Cobra Hubs for a great price. They were $40.00 less than I can find anywhere around here.

Thanks Dan

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I bought my FMS351W crate motor from Dan during the three day sale. Quick shipment, great price, freight included. Good Guy! :D
I ordered the Aluminum 3.73 IRS Pumpkin from Dan. Ford has it on backorder with no estimated time of arrival. Dan had 9 in stock at $610. If you are thinking of going this route you might want to get one from Dan. FMS Part #M-4001-M373 I got the rear Cobra hubs which he had in stock also. :D
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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