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Hi Luis,

Your order shipped out today. I had to wait for one item, so I shipped the order 3-Day, but only charged you for ground. The UPS was $7.45, so your total came to $152.51.

Thanks again,

Dan Newman
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I must agree...great service. Although, the great prices caused me to spend much more than I expected. It reminds me of a story a friend used to tell me. He had a girlfriend who's mom came home one evening and told her husband that she had just saved him $1500. When he asked how, she said that she got a magnificent deal on what was normally an $9000 couch. Since she only paid $7500, she thought she was really doing him a favor!

Then again, my wife would probably say something similar when I claimed to have saved alot of money buying that new crate motor....? :rolleyes:
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