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Here's my first attempt at fitting the soft top to 7074.

I do have one issue, though, that hopefully those of you with the first generation version of the FFR/Whitby soft top can help me with. The typical installation is to put one of the large ferrules through the body on each side of the rear cowl area, just behind the doors, to hold the support bows in place. However, the Mk3 body (at least my late 3.1 version) is 51 1/2" wide at that point and the assembled soft top bows are only 49" across. I can add some spacers to the top bows, but then I'm concerned that I won't have enough material to pull down around the longer bows and have it attach to the "lift-a-dot" posts on the body. The other alternative is to fabricate a couple of mounting pipes that are very similar to the original car - second photo below - and use those to hold the top bows. I haven't decided which route to go (I sort of like the idea of the original looking mounting points, but it will complicate the fitting process). Please share pics if you installed one of these tops on a Mk3 (late version -actually a 3.1).

Original style bow mounting point on CSX3049:


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I measured my car, the main bow ferrules are about 51 1/4" c/c. I don't think there is much difference between my MKIII and the 3.1s or earlier versions in that area. I have a feeling your bows may just be bent in slightly, which would not be difficult to bend back. If I remember mine were a bit tight also.
One recommendation I will give is to build up the under side of that area of the body if you decide to put them in the normal place. I didn't at first and ended up with some cracked paint around the ferrules. I built up around them with some HSRF after the fact which was a pain, would have been much easier I think to do it before the holes were drilled. I put my top on a finished car too which makes it more difficult.
Good luck with it what ever you decide,
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