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Okay, last week's sale is over and for us it was a huge success. I thought we had enough of everything and at the very last day we are backordered one set of door panels as they all sold out. Many of the other items went well too and we appreciate the orders.

So starting tomorrow, Friday, Dec 7 through Tuesday Dec 11 the following items will be sale. You can see them below or go to the specials section at cobra, nardi, moto-lita, mini cooper, ferrari, shifter carts, parts and accessories from Finish Line

4 DAYS ONLY - Here Goes

Bumper Nudge Bars, Front $99.

Bumper Nudge Bars, Rear $99.

RB-X Member (Roll Bar X Member) $65.00 each while supplies last. We only have about 40 left in each size.

Seat Belt Bezels $7. each bezel

Visors with Cobra Logo and Hardware $60. for the set

Windwings with Cobra Logo and Hardware $60. for the set

Vintage Decals $30. for entire set

Cobra Travel Bag $18.

Terlingua Decals Large $4.

Emblems 289, 427 or Nose and Deck emblems will all be $12. each. I see the nose and deck emblem doesn't reflect $12. but will be be fixed tomorrow.

AC Pedals $14. for the pair. You can buy a third pedal for an extra $7.

Brake Air Vents - $14. for the pair

Vin Plate - CSX $12.

Fender Cover $23.

Hats, Blue, Cobra Logo or Red $8. each

Valve Caps - Set of 5 $12.00

If both Nudge Bars are bought freight will be $20.00, otherwise we will keep at the $9.99 or $14.99 like last week depending on what is ordered and weight unless we can mail just a small emblem or something like that.

We appreciate all the feedback and orders.

Happy Holidays Again from the Gang at Finish Line

cobra, nardi, moto-lita, mini cooper, ferrari, shifter carts, parts and accessories from Finish Line
(888) 436-9113 toll free us
(954) 436-9101 telephone

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I know what I will be getting tomorrow:001_smile:

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I placed an order, Thanks for the deal.

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Just order some more goodies:w00t:

What is next for the new year sale? :001_tt1:

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Thanks Paula and Finish Line!

Just ordered:
2 x 289™ Emblem (EM 289)
2 x Stelling & Hellings Air Cleaner (AI Stellings)

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Just got my order (Terlinqua Racing items, etc) and got a few extras!

Thanks and happy new year!!!

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Got the last box of my orders on Boxing Day, and the parts look great. Thanks Finishline!!

Happy New Year!!
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