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Well the Maui Coupe is now legal, and driveable finally woo hooo! I'm not going to say its done because there's still some things I want to change, #1 is the exhaust.
Ordered in May of 2014 and started construction in April. Completed January 2020
The build took me way longer than I anticipated mostly because I wanted to do everything myself and I kept adding custom mods all along the way, as well as losing both my Mother, a Horse, a dog, and my Father along the way.
I can't say enough about all the help and inspiration I received from my friends Kevin and Dave, and this forum, especially the build threads by Michael Leach (seattle dad) and Matt (mtwarog) as well as visits with free advice from both Russ Thompson and Jeff Miller(the Bat)
Started as a Base Kit with their 50% off options sale.
I added Heat and A/C, Wiper kit, Carpet, wiring harness, floor mats, IRS, Powder coat, and Kirkey seats. All new or rebuilt parts were used.
Engine- Levy Racing stage 4 347 (more than I need here)
Edelbrock Pro flo 4 EFI
8.8 diff with 3.55
Levy super alloy T5
Autometer Ultra lite guages
Brakes are Willwood 6 piston fronts and 4 piston rear
FR 500 wheels, tires are 255/40/17 front and 315/ 35/17 rear
All bodywork and prep by me, paint by me and my friend Kailey (gun man) color is PPG "Blue Me Away"
Aluminum all powder coated wet black with my Eastwood kit and a free oven.
Windows replaced with smoked Lexan, the rear glass was tinted by another friend Phil Gillette.
On to Photos
custom Carbon fiber dash by me and another friend

IMG_0518.jpg IMG_0517.jpg
With my first build MK3.1 with a 4.6 sohc

Aloha! Karl


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Thanks John , have you put that engine in yet?

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Too damn cold here. I want to paint it like my old engine. I painted the oil pan in the basement last week , but the rest of the family didn't enjoy that too much!:ROFLMAO:
So I guess it will be a few months until the weather breaks unfortunately.


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Gorgeous. Congrats on a great build
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