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Well my T-5 finaly blew, but at least it died with dignity on track.
I was at Sears Point (now Infineon Raceway, Yuk!) flying thru turn one and climbing the hill in third gear into turn 2 generating a lot of torque then KABLEWEE! As Wayne Presley said it's the sound of a bunch of nuts rattling around in a coffee can. I nursed the "Potato" back to the pits in second gear, barely and laid the car to resty for the day.

I'm putting out a lot of HP and Torque and curious if a Tremec 3550 will hold up or do you think a TKO is necessary. I understand the 3550 is pretty close to a direct replacement and install whereas the TKO requires quit a bit of mods.

Any enlightenment would be appreciated.

Now that I think about it the good news is I didn't blow another motor.

"Mr. Potato Head"

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OK Larry, first it's an engine then --- another engine --- then --- o-ya another engine, so now I guess you have that figured out :D , now your moving on to transmissions :eek: . What's next Larry, rear ends. :D Sorry Larry I just have to rib ya a little. I really like the way your car looks with the new paint.

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Larry, I think the solution is to switch to a four banger pinto engine. :D

Good to see you again; your car looked awesome!

But with my limited knowledge, considering the power and torque that you are running in that beauty and considering you track it, I would go TKO.

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The TKO will handle more torque than the 3550. The external dimensions are the same. The TKO requires a little trimming of the tailshaft to clear the rear cross memeber, I don't think the 3550 does. The TKO cost an extra $200, but includes a new yoke. That's important, because here's the big difference. The input and output shafts have a different number of splines. The 3550 has the standard T5, which makes it a true bolt in proposition. But the TKO has a a 26 spline input and a 31 spline output. This is one of the reasons that it can handle more torque. So you'll need the new yoke, and you'll also have to buy a new clutch disc.

If it were me, I'd opt for the TKO. It's a little more money (app $300), but then you'de never have to think about it again.

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When I was shopping D+D told me that 3rd gear is the weak link in a Tremec. The TKO and the 3550 have the same 3rd gear. They talked me into a 3550 and all is good so far. You will need a different clutch disc also with the TKO.
Jeff Hamilton

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Get the TKO specially made out of indestructium. :eek: :D

Get a pro-shifted tremec 3550 from Forte..or at least give him a ring and pick his brain. He's THE tremec guy. Even my Chevy buddies buy tremec stuff from him.



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I run a 3350 with 500/500 rear wheel, I have done all 3 styles of racing with it and generally beat the crap out of it with no issue..You dont want a pro-shifted trans for road course racing.

Both 3550 and tko need the lower tailshaft tab trimmed off.


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Hi Mr Potato Head,
Well I'm sorry to hear you blew up a T-5. I have a few versions of Tremecs that are a direct bolt in. I machine the tailhousing and if your using a steel McLeod bellhousing, I machine it to fit the 1/2 inch bolts needed. I'm going to Orlando with my 2 children all this week to celebrate my birthday with them. Mark will be in Monday - Wednesday. If you need to reach me on my cell, I'll have it all week.
Mike Forte
Forte's Parts Connection
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cell: 781-248-8946
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The phone number for Hanlon Motorsports is 610-469-2695. www.hanlonmotorsports.com Bob Hanlon is real nice and has VERY GOOD prices on Tremecs. He also has a mid-shift conversion that comes with a PRO 5.0 shifter for $299. If you buy the trans and shifter at the same time he will do the conversion for no extra (labor) charge.


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The mid shift moves the shifter forward about 5".
It used to be Tremec made the mid shift adaptor, with their shifter. They were was not nearly as good as the aftermarket shifters which bolted directly on the rear location. I love my Pro 5.0. I just installed it on my Tremec last year.
My tranny is out. I would swap to the mid shifter but they are $299 at Hanlon and I just paid $190 for my Pro 5.0. If you have the option
I would go to the middle...especially if they are as short a throw as the rear mounted Pro 5.0's.
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