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Finally !! Back on retirement project.

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Its been a long 9 years since i pretty much came to a halt on the Cobra. I guess im shooting for the longest build.
Back to work on it and hope to make some good progress.. Life had a funny way of kicking in and changing alot.
Ill get some progress reports and pics up.
Still see the original build thread is still accessible.

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Finally got the engine assembled and loaded onto the test stand i made. Looks a mess but i haven't tidied up all the stand wiring. I have a bunch of engine assembly picts but as usual i cant seem to find where i stuck them. Hope to start soon and ill try to have a video.
Injection is a FITech unit. Just got done taking some web seminar's classes they had and learned a whole bunch.
Being im a carb guy this is all new to me.
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Got the engine in. Used my 2 post lift to do it. Went pretty well. Used the hooker headers for now but switching to Gas-N ones shortly. Header was a tight fit on DS, Removing valve cover helped a bunch. Barely got it off with studs .I used ARP 12 pt 5\16 head bolts. Worked great i could use a long ratchet head wrench on all of them. After running on test stand i found nice leak where one header tube had been welded to flange. Fixed that. Got the ride height set and set the pinion angle . Had to make a 1 inch spacer for tranny. Now im going to tackle the wiring.
I did have an issue with both front calipers dragging real bad, From the long time sitting the phenolic pistons swelled. Great.' gotta love it. Was a real pain getting them out. Finally b/t twisting ,air and rigging a puller got them out. Got some new o-rings and found some steel pistons on Rock-Auto. All back together. Rear was fine they came with steel pistons.

My new pup guarding the shop.

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First fire video. Fired right up . EFI worked great so far. Got a bout an hour running on stand. Messed with settings.

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Got to work on mounting the dash insert. Sort of a pain . Also temp mounted radiator. Top cross bar was welded in a bit crooked. Side alum panels don't fit worth a crap. Have a breeze lower mount. Ill probably make a one piece surround. Also had to make a tranny spacer when i was doing the pinion angle setup. I got pretty lucky when i was dialing in the bellhousing. Came out a little less than .003 with stock dowels. Getting the rear harness installed and using a ground buss in back for all the grounds and ran a new dedicated one up to front . Ill replace the four gang light connector with two gang ones. From sitting quite a while i noticed the shock bumpers have deterriated and falling apart. Amazing.
The Kevco road race pan just sits above the frame. Hard to tell from the pic.

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