Unfinished (But almost complete) FFR4570K MKII
For Sale
Asking $22,000

I’m somewhat embarrassed to say, but I never finished it, and it has been sitting in the garage collecting dust for too long now. The last time it was driven was around 5 years ago.

Car is untitled, I have the COO/MCO

Carbureted 302 from Engine Factory bought back in 2003. They claimed 380 HP
Tremec 3550 transmission
4 into 4 Headers
3.27 Final Drive Ratio
High back seats
Dual Roll Bars
Vintage Guages

Items that need to be addressed:
  • One of the seats has a small burn hole in it (from solder dripping on it)
  • Needs a battery
  • Fuel level sender is not compatible with the fuel gauge.
  • Wind shield wipers always blow the fuse. It needs to mounted someplace more solid, too much flex in the firewall.
  • The electrical is a mess. The relays were not installed. The front lights are really dim (no idea why).
  • The engine needs a thermostat (Engine factory said to install one after around 300 miles, which is probably about what the engine has on it)
  • The aluminum behind the seats is touching the fiberglass body and needs to be trimmed down. This causes the body mounts on the frame under the door to not line up. The body shop (Uggh) that worked on the car hacked in new mounting holes.
  • The oil pan needs to be drilled and tapped to accept the oil temperature sensor.
  • The emergency brake had an attempted install on the transmission tunnel (which might be fine), however the linkage (or lack there of) binds on the bottom of the frame.
  • Some chips in the clear coat