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We now have over 700 members, many of which have no idea what is being sold in the after-market FFR market. Please post what you sell so others can see what they can buy. If you are new to FFCars, feel free to ask questions. Maybe we can get a good Q&A going. This will also tell us which vendors are watching this website.

I'll start by saying that we sell Pro Liquid Buffer. Just visit www.ProLiquidBuffer.com

This is a great product for polishing your aluminum panels and wheels.

- Bill

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Mikes Custom Cobra Parts. I sell many items for cobra replicas.
E-brake handles
E-brake Boot Bezel
Roll bar trim rings
Seat belt trim plate
Front plate bracket
Windshield plates
Dash steering hole bezel
Alternator brackets
Acc. Drive kits
Trunk lift support kits for old an new
frames. They also work with Russ' trunk
also other dress up items.
See my website for more info.
I also have a couple more pairs of polished aluminum hood pin plates left. $25.00 per pair, shipped with hardware.


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My wife Dorothy and I are Cobra Promotions. We offer personalized embroidered clothing featuring unique car caricature artwork. We also supply car clubs and some of the other vendors in the Cobra family with embroidered garments. We are small but we are growing!

Currently we have a "Cobra" and a "Coupe" design, and we will be adding a 2nd "Cobra" design very soon. We have also been chosen as the merchandiser for the DVSF II to support Team Jenny (merchandise will be available VERY soon!).

You can visit us at: http://www.cobrapromotions.net . Thanks to those that have already supported us, and thanks to this forum for being "vendor friendly."

Here's one of our "Coupester" hats:


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Well Russ's Garage produces:

Custom machined turn signal system.
Aluminum throttle pedal asy.
Radiator shroud.
Trunkhoop conversion kit.
Roll bar grommets.
Front quick jack bolt covers.
Folding machined aluminum cup holder.
Trunk storage box.
I'm also working on some parts for the coupe,
will be ready soon.

You can see most of the stuff at www.norcal-cobras.com, Look under the custom parts section.

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Hello I'm Tom with Mr. Alternator
We have Alternators and Starters, standard and high performance. We also powder coat Intakes, valve cover, brake calipers, plenums, alternators, brackets and assorted parts.
2G Alternators
3G Alternators
Ford Mini Starters
Nippondenso Race Car Starters (serious torque)
Custom made battery cable
10% off for Forum members
Thanks Bill!

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Turnkey FFR Roasters and Coupes
GT-40 kits and turnkeys
custom engines
customs T-5's
Diff service
Suspension upgrades
Body and paint
custom wiring
Brake systems
Tire and wheel packages
custom radiators
Road race oil pans
oil coolers
A/C systems

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Let see what do we do:
Turn key cars, including rollers or turn key minus projects.

Self cancelling turn signal set up,
Dealer for Team III and PS enginneering wheels,
Cobra R wheel and tire packages,
Cross drilled and cad washed rotors,
Classic instruments dealer,
Disc brake brackets for 4 and 5 lug rear disc with narrow track.

Probably more but this is the busy stuff.
Bill, Thanks for letting us post this, kinda cool. Cheers Richard. www.northcobras.com

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Is there anything the admins of FFCars can do to help your sales? Think of this way, if you ran the site, what could you do to help sales? We were thinking that we would give you each a little spot on the front page on a rotation basis to tell everyone a little about your company or to display a sale item. What do you think? How can we make sure you're getting the most use from this site?

Thanks for making parts for such a small group of people. I know it's a small market place, that's why we're trying to give you the best possible coverage to sell your products online.

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Craig and I sell performance stuff for the IRS roadster.

We sell the much needed (but currently back ordered, due too a warehouse fire :mad: ), polyurethane bushings for the IRS knuckle.

We also sell machined aluminum differential bushings that mount the front of the differential completely solid to the frame, the way it should be.

We also have developed both front and rear sway bars for the IRS roadster. The rear is infinitly adjustable and the front has 4 adjustments for fine tuning the handling characteristics.

By the way, you admin guys are doing a great job with this forum.

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I don't have a product per say, but I ended up buying too many donors (3) just because some would-be FFR builders are looking for them, and I could not let them GO!, if interested in any of them send me an email, mention FFCars.com and get a discount on the price, this is not going to be a business, just trying to help YOU find a DONOR for your Factory Five Roadster Build. (I'm already thinking on disassembling them ALL myself... :eek: If I don't get rid of them soon )
The 86 donor is NOT mine and it is not really a suitable donor.

Click here:

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I'm not a supplier,,,,, but just wanted to say that when I am buying "toys" for my FFR,,, the first place I look is to the Forum guys.

I've done biz with quite a few of those who've alreay posted (& some who haven't yet)...
my experiences have always been good ones in dealing with them.

That being said I'd like to briefly "pimp" myself....
by letting you guys know that I buy Mercedes lease returns every month (from MB credit corp).

Anyways, if any of you are ever in the market for a used Benz,or need advice on a particular model, gimme a shout.
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