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FFR type 65 Coupe A/C system which one

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Hey Guys im trying to decide what a/c system to install. I dont need a heater-just a/c. Im using a 408 stroker and can put either water pump on it and i have no pullys bought yet. I would rather get a kit with instructions rather than piece meal this. Any suggestions ? serpintine belt ? V-belt? brackets.
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Gen 3 Coupe? Space for the evaporator is very limited due to the frame design. Unless you put it somewhere other than the pass side footbox. I looked at everything I could find on the market. And none fit. Other than the Siroco brand unit they provide. Mine was installed in a Coyote build and came with everything needed. But can't answer your specific question about a different engine setup. Their instructions are pretty detailed and maybe help. Even if you don't go with theirs. https://www.factoryfive.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/AC-HEATER-DEFROSTER-COUPE-Gen-3-REV-G.pdf
Good info to know. I dont mind paying more for something that works well and fits. HOw much did you pay for your a/c unit? was it just a/c or heater also? I really dont need a heater - not in the desert area. I always welcome cool air.
The Factory Five A/C - heater kit was $1,550.00 almost three years ago when I bought and installed it. Now $1,950.00. More expensive like everything else it seems. That was for the Coyote version (#60378). Included everything including the compressor. The 302/351W version (#60377) is $100 cheaper. Don't know the difference. The setup is both heat and A/C. They don't sell anything that's A/C only. Vintage Air and perhaps others sell systems that are A/C only, but I don't know anything about them. One hint though, even though you don't think you need heat, for an enclosed car having a functional defroster can be important.
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