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FFR 37?? Arrived Today!!! - First Question

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My kit arrived today, bare frame and all, in the rain. :( Oh well, it will get the POR-15 treatment.

Bryce of Stewart Transport was very helpful and the crane truck made off load easy, even if it was raining. A small crew at the house got the body dismounted and onto the buck and carried the frame into the garage. Tomorrow morning the inventory will begin. The sheets say there aren't that many parts backordered. That's nice.

I have a couple of questions that may be answered here or I might need to call FFR. The first page of the inventory is the backordered page. It says FFR#3791. Everything else including the number on the car says FFR#3776. Which one is right?

Also, what about all the documentation that is used to get tags/title, shouldn't I have received a package with the car, or does it come later? My wife said it may be in one of the boxes. She's pronbably right, but I'm sitting here, tired, it's late and the mind is racing. I want to go out there and put it together tonight and drive it tomorrow!!!!! Sorry, but I'm just a little excited. :D :D :D :D :D
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I just got my certificate of origin, picked up the kit about a week ago.

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