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FFR 2471 is on the road !!! (pics)

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Finally!!!! After 1.5 years, my FFR kit is finally done. I did all the work myslef from unpacking the crate, building, body work, and paint. My father-in-law Tony also lent a hand during the build.

It is stock build using a 93 LX 5.0 donor, FFR rear control arms, hood hinge, Summit pumpkin cover, Cobra valve covers, Borbett wheels and Dunlop tires. Many accesories and miscellaneous parts were provided by many of the fine vendors in this forum. I highly recommend all of them!

Many thanks to the forum and all its members for all the help during my build. Special thanks go to the Smith Brothers, Kerri, and Joe at the FFR Factory. Sure was tough some times but they always came through for me.

Color is PPG BMW Steel Gray. It's not the best paint finish ever, but it's all mine and it was well within my $1000 budget. I estimate my cost to be about $19.5K give or take $500.

I documented my build here 2471 Build Site . I'll add about 4 more pages now that I have time.

It's time to get some miles on this puppy. Insurance courtesy of K&K

Muchas Gracias!!!!

Jose Borja,
Elk Mound, WI

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Looks great. I keep saying this so I'm beginning to think you can't put a bad color on these cars but here goes. I really like the color. Nice build Jose.
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